Yule Calendar#1 – a beginning

So, how did this yule calendar get started?

With a blog and a mad weekend road trip.

What you will read below was a posting on Facebook on 1st December 2014. I had just returned from a weekend visiting friends and family in the North of England.

Two years ago I took part in a trek across the Jordanian desert to raise money for Parkinson’s UK. On the Friday night of the weekend in question, I drove up to Huddersfield for a reunion of some of the people I had made friends with on that trek.

On the Saturday night I had planned to visit an old friend I had shared a house with in University days. He lives in Rotherham. But, on the Saturday morning, his father had a stroke and ended up in hospital. Steve had enough to deal with without me turning up, so I dropped in to see my sister and brother in law in Sheffield instead. Turns out they were going to watch a Rolling Stones tribute band, so I went along with them.

It was a great weekend and I wanted to post a thank you on Facebook. At the same time I read Andrea Hejlskov’s blog in which she began posting a daily Yule Calendar. I love Andrea’s blog http://andreahejlskov.com/  and an idea started to form. Thank you Andrea.

“Just got round to sitting down to say thank you to all the lovely people who made last weekend’s mini-adventure happen. First, a huge thank you to Jo Haigh for hosting Friday night’s 2012 Parkinson’s UK Jordan Trek reunion. The perfect host. She made it all look so easy. Thanks to Steve Prior, Lisa Prior, Victoria Thompson, Ian Simpson, Eva Morales, Jamie Lavington,Richard Beaton, Rob Hughes for being such wonderful company. It was great to meet up again.
Saturday night didn’t go as planned and all my best wishes go out for Steve Mitchell’s dad to have a swift recovery. But, as is often the way, my lovely in-laws were at hand to save the day. Thanks Sue and Sean, the Rollin Stoned and anyone who was at Crookes Working Mens Club on Saturday night – it’s only rock and roll but we like it! Stage invaded, bar drunk dry – excellent night.
Thanks also to Vera, Rob, Paula, Todd and Lucas for tea, coffee, food and good company.
Finally thanks to my old westfalia T4 for providing both transport and accommodation – the only vehicle i have ever owned that makes every journey feel like an adventure.
And thanks to Jo and Sam Jukes for letting me go.
Wow, this is turning into an Oscars speech. I am starting to feel slightly tearful…….. best stop before wardrobe malfunction. Making myself feel vaguely sick. See, this is why I don’t really do Facebook very much. How do you know when to st  “

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