Yule Calendar#21 – Happy Solstice!

Finally, it’s here.

Many, many thanks to all the people that have read my posts, liked and commented. Here in blog world and on my Facebook Page. Knowing that people have actually been reading my stuff has kept me writing when, otherwise, I would have had a cup of tea and a lie down.

Thanks to all the people who turned up to celebrate the solstice with us. Especially, Helen and Charlie for making a big journey to be there.

Thanks to Seb, my godson, whose birthday is on the 21st. How cool is that? Thanks for coming to the fire, Seb.

I started writing this Yule Calendar to help me figure out what Christmas means to me. I didn’t dream that the act of writing it would transform me. But it has. Or, more precisely, you the readers have transformed me. Your kind words and feedback have made me see the role of writing in a fresh light. I thought that it was just about self-expression. I now realise that it is about much more than that. I don’t understand quite what, yet. So, I am going to have to keep writing to find out.

Thank you,all.

So, after all this, what does Yule mean to me?


It’s about spending time with people. Strengthening bonds.


Your family. Your town. Your country. Your world.solset


The ways in which we link ourselves to the Past and the Future. Time Lords.


The key to change.fire1


So, we don’t forget that we are part of Nature. Not its master.


Otherwise, what’s the point?fire3


How we bring everyone (living or dead, present or not) to the feast.


Value not cost.solparty


The act of which gives it all meaning.


If you want more detail – go re-read the earlier entries in the Yule Calendar. Which is what I intend to do as I have a short rest from daily writing. But I will return in 2015.

Happy Christmas!

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