Yule 2015 #3

I have just spent the evening with my son. He has an important Drama exam tomorrow. He was not satisfied with the way he was playing his role. He asked me to watch, listen and give feedback as he went through his lines. He worked solidly all evening. Listening, questioning, gradually refining his performance. He worked hard. The work is not easy. It requires a high level of skill and self awareness. It requires the ability to be ruthlessly self critical whilst retaining an inner calm and objectivity. He worked hard and did well. I hope he does well in his exam. I think he will.

But, that process took several hours. It is late. I am tired. I don’t have the energy or concentration left to write well at any length. So, today’s post is going to be very short. But, in compensation, I give you two gifts behind today’s door.

The first is light and fluffy. But profound. There is a great charity shop in Much Wenlock where I live. I get all my clothes there. I call it “My Tailor’s”. So, I relate to the link below:



The second gift is a song. From the wonderful Mr Jarvis Cocker. It is not very seasonal and it contains a large quantity of obscene language, but it kind of sums up how I feel on the day my Government sent in planes to bomb Syria. Please do not play if you are offended by bad language.



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