Yule bLog 2016 -an introduction

For the past three years, I have written a Yule blog. Each day, beginning on the first day of December and ending on the 21st, the Winter Solstice, I have posted my thoughts on the festive season.

This year I will attempt to do so again.

But this year it feels very different. Everything has changed.

I have not completed a blog post for weeks. Months, maybe. The world has been changing too quickly for me to keep up. I write too slowly. Events outstrip me.

For me, these events have been happening on a personal level as well as an international level. Huge changes. There have been events which have totally upended my perception of reality. Events that have challenged much that I took for granted. The world at the end of 2016 turns out to be radically different to what I had assumed at the beginning of the year.

Veils have been torn aside. People have revealed themselves and turned out to be other then I had assumed them to be. Friendships have been questioned. Fresh alliances have been born. Old shadows have stepped into the light. Nothing is what it seemed. Reality is fluid. Shifting. In flux. We are living in a Time of Smoke and Mirrors.

It is a difficult time. It is difficult to pin anything down. Difficult to know where to place one’s Trust.

So, this years Yule bLog will be an exploration of where to place Trust. In the Time of Smoke & Mirrors, where can we find a place of Certainty? A place that we can Trust.

I will need to be nimble and quick, so the entries will be short. Swiftly written and sent before doubt has chance to silence them. They may not be so carefully considered. They may be raw. It is a raw time now. They may offend. As I have been offended by much that has happened in the past few months. So be it.

The first two Yule bLogs were conceived as gifts. This one is primarily for me. For me to work out where to place my Trust. But it is also conceived as a conversation and a tool. A tool which you can use, if you so wish, to work out where you will place your Trust. So please, take the time to comment. To share your thoughts and observations with me and those that read this blog. So that we might begin to forge a Conversation. And from that Conversation, with luck, some kind of Community.

Tomorrow, I begin.

One comment

  1. I too am slow in the blogosphere, all the more because much is happening and I get caught up reading about it.
    So for now I will be busy reading all your jule-post up until today.
    Your opening really made me curious!


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