YulebLog2016#16:a sense of the sacred

“But the Elders of the Hopi Nation know what to do.”

So ended YulebLog2016#14. With the observation that the combined Governments of the Modern World have no idea how to deal with the main challenges facing our planet today. Challenges that are truly Global in scale. Challenges like Climate Change, Extinction of Species and the End of Oil. No idea.

Which makes the Future frightening. A place where the human race will finally be undone.

But the Elders of the Hopi Nation know what to do.

The Elders of most indigenous cultures know.

They know that the answer doesn’t lie in technology. There is no technological fix for our human predicament.

The answer lies in a change of sensibility. A change in the way we see the world.

We have to regain something that we have lost.

Because, with all our Technology and all our Progress and all our Civilisation and all our Growth, we have lost more than we have gained.

We have lost the single most important thing that we ever had:

A Sense Of The Sacred.

We have to be careful here. By A Sense of The Sacred, I mean something very specific.

I do not mean God. I do not mean Religion. I do not mean Temple or Church. These are just words. Concepts that are rolled out for the benefit of Man and ofttimes do more harm then good.

I mean a Sense that there is something Bigger than us. More important than us. Something of which we are just a Part. Something that Connects us to every other thing on the Planet. Something which gives Meaning to our existence.

This Sense gives us Perspective. It makes us aware that we are not the centre of the universe.

It makes us Humble. For we must recognise that we are at the mercy of greater forces than we can control.

It makes us Light. For we do not take ourselves too seriously..

It makes us Thankful. For we realise that to be alive is a great gift.

It makes us Kind. For we are aware that we are Connected and what we do to other living things we do to ourselves.

But, if we do not have A Sense of the Sacred, the converse is True.

If we believe that Man is the Ultimate, the Top Dog, the Most Important Thing, the Pinnacle of Creation. If we believe this, then we see ourselves as Gods and act like Devils. If we lose our Sense of the Sacred, we quickly forget that we are just a part of something bigger and begin to imagine that the Universe is contrived as it is solely for our benefit. We lose all sense of Perspective.

We become Proud and start to believe that we can control anything and everything.

We become Heavy, weighed down with the responsibility of being in charge of it all.

Life becomes a burden to be endured.

It makes us Unkind. For we believe ourselves to be Alone in the universe. Disconnected.

Without the Sacred in our lives, we find ourselves in a Place of Great Sadness.

And this is precisely what Modern Man has contrived to do. We have managed to remove the Sacred from where it should be, at the centre of our lives, and demote it to a side-show. To something we may pay some attention to on Sundays but which we ignore for the majority of our lives. The Elders know that the Sacred must permeate the whole of our lives. They know that everything is sacred. Praying at Church is Sacred. Doing the washing up is Sacred. Taking a shit is Sacred. No difference. All Sacred Acts. Because the important aspect of the act is the sensibility with which it is performed. And the Sacred Sensibility recognises that everything is Connected to a larger Whole. And it is this sense of Connection that ultimately makes life worth living. So, by denying our Connectedness to All Things, denying the sacred nature of reality, we deny our lives Meaning and Joy.

By denying the sacred nature of reality, Modern Man has condemned himself to a life of dreary grey drudgery. Life, for many people, has become a joyless battle for survival. Modern Man works 9-5 for five days a week. For what? To earn money. Why? To buy stuff. So, the meaning of your life is buying stuff?!! Success at Life is then measured by the amount of stuff you buy?!! Surely this cannot be right.

The Elders smile. How stupid of Modern Man to miss the point of Life. The Elders know that Life is a Spiritual Journey. It is about Spiritual Growth – not Material Growth. It’s not about The Economy, Stupid – it’s about the spirit. And, to the Elders ( and anyone who looks) that is not about Scripture. Not about Commandments or the Word of God. No, the Sacred nature of our world is directly observable. It is obvious in all the natural phenomena that surrounds us. Listen to the robin’s song. Watch a fox’s rapt attention. The curves of an oak leaf. Just fucking Pay Attention!!

But we are not paying attention. And we elect as our leaders, men with no sense of the sacred. Men who live their lives indoors around tables. How can they have any idea of what is important? The indigenous peoples know that you place as Leaders only men who have a deep sense of the sacred nature of the world. Men who understand that everything is connected. Men who are Humble, Light, Thankful and Kind.

Make those men our Leaders. Then we might stand a chance.


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