If I, red-eyed and flay-skinned,

stumble home, breathing fire,

wearing another’s beggared coat,

I can have everything I want

If my heart is big enough.

If my arms are wide enough.

I can have my every desire,

Nailed to my chest and branded in fire.

For a time, for a time.

The green in the greyest night

through loose tarmac and crumbling mortar stretches.

Time is keen and everything collapses.

Through my let blood,

I take what I want.

In pools of crimson and dishes of stone,

I give it all away.

Far and wide. Far and wide.

I will take the skin off your back.

Trade it in for the wet of my heart.

The knife of Time is long and sharp.

Nourish and maintain the falling over.

Onwards and onwards.

Onward and onwards.

So, I give you my hand and I say,

”Is it a deal?”

I offer you my hand and I say,

”Is it a deal?”

Is it deal, huh?

Is it a deal?


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