My friend Steve is of the opinion
that there are two types of people in this world
AMCs and PMCs
That is, bluntly put, morning crappers and afternoon crappers.
AMCs are rid of their waste first thing
and walk lightly smiling through the rest of the day.
AMCs are happy folk.
PMCs carry the weight of yesterday’s consumption with them
through the bulk of their day.
They are weighed down by the debris of their past.
They tend to be miserable fuckers
if you meet them in a morning
Too heavy with their own crap
to lend you a smile.

I am of the opinion
that the world today is run by PMCs.
To them the world is a heavy place.
They concern themselves with serious matters
and have no time to dance.

Imagine a world run by AMCs
Imagine a world run by people whose chief concern
is to make a child happy.
Even if that means
letting the child paint their face
and arrange leaves in their hair as a crown.

Imagine the Queen’s speech
read by a monarch with her face painted
to resemble a unicorn
wearing a crown of green beech.

Imagine a Prime Minister
who actually did dance.
Not as some cheap publicity stunt
but as the content of her speech
as all she has to say

Imagine a Government
that sat around a campfire
honoured the four quarters
and the three worlds
and toasted marshmallows
before any motions were passed

Imagine a President who roared
and laughed and roared some more
flung himself into a crazy dance
drew his breath up from the earth
down from the heavens
and stared at us, his eyes wild with truth.


  1. Hi Renee, I wrote the poem whilst my wife, Jo, and I were away for the weekend on a Space To Emerge Camp – basically four days spent in the woods with a bunch of AMCs. It was wonderful. I will be writing about the camp at more length in due course.


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