Yule2019#14: Dylan

Something on a lighter note today. This is a song I wrote about my time as a teacher in a secondary school.

This is a song about Dylan

Not the folk singer of renown

This is a different Dylan

A boy from a Black Country town.

Dylan was a pupil

At Pool Hayes Community School

Dylan was the kind of kid

Who didn’t always follow the rules.

Oh Dylan, Sorry I have to say

When you’re at school you must follow the rules

Or you’ll be sent home today

Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh

Dylan’s attendance was excellent

He was very rarely away

He loved being at school with his mates

He loved to have fun and play

One day Dylan came to school

In a pair of blue suede shoes

The school rules said if your shoes weren’t black

Your entrance would be refused.

Oh Dylan, Sorry I have to say

Blue shoes are not acceptable

And you must go home today

Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh

But Dylan did not want to go home

He pleaded with me at the gate

He knew a way to solve the shoe problem

It wasn’t yet too late.

Please could he phone his Grandfather

With whom he shared a flat.

Then he was sure a solution

Could be found in seconds flat.

“Grandad, it’s Dylan

You know that pair of shoes

The ones in the bottom of the wardrobe

The ones that you don’t use?

Please Grandad Bring those shoes to school.

You know they will send me home

If I don’t follow the rules

Please Grandad, please grandad, please grandad, please.

So Dylan had to sit and wait

Til his Grandad came to school

With a pair of shoes acceptable

To the inflexible school rules.

It took Grandad quite a while

Cause he had to come on the bus

But he didn’t want Dylan

To be in trouble or causing fuss.

Oh Grandad, hurry on your way

If only I can wear your shoes

I can stay at school today

Oh Grandad, Oh grandad, Oh Grandad, Oh

Now Dylan had quite tiny feet

They suited him just fine

Whilst Grandad had much bigger feet

A generous size 9

So when Dylan put on Grandad’s shoes

He looked like CoCo the clown.

But Dylan didn’t give a stuff

He wasn’t feeling down

He knew it didn’t matter

If he looked like a fool

Now that his shoes were black

He was following school rules

Oh Dylan, I’m very pleased to say

Your black shoes now follow the rules

You can stay at school today

Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh

This is a song for the children

All the ones we have let down

We make them follow stupid rules

We make them look like clowns

Well look at the world we’re leaving them

Look at our legacy

We pretend that we know what we’re doing

Well, you could’ve fooled me.

Oh Dylan, please accept my apology

For making you wear those oversized shoes

You’re a better man than me.

Oh Dylan, it’s plain for all to see

You look really good in your blue suede shoes

You look much better than me.

Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh Dylan, Oh

One comment

  1. Yes, we have stupid rules. If we have rules we should know exactly why we have them and be able to explain them to anyone who wants to buck them. In the case of Dylan could they not have let him attend until he got black shoes that fit him? Could they not have a bunch of black shoes of different sizes in the office for borrowing for a day? If the administration was so stubborn on the black shoes could they not have made alternatives so the stupidity would not be compounded? All it takes is a little imagination and the will to exercise it.

    “We don’t need no edu-kai-shun. We don’t need no thought con-trowel. No dark sar-cause-sum in the claus-room. Teacher leave them kids alone.” Having been a teacher myself I can see the need for rules but arbitrary? not so much.


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