Yule Calendar#2 – seasons

Been thinking about why we ( meaning my family ) celebrate Christmas. None of us are Christians so why do we celebrate? It would make as much sense to celebrate diwali or eid. That is what we did when we lived in Sri Lanka where the majority of people are buddhist but with sizeable muslim, christian and Hindu minorities – everybody celebrates everything – its great and there’s a public holiday virtually every week. Is it just habit? And why all the cards and presents – all the expense? Are we just being suckered into consumerism? But I like Christmas. I like the shared sense of occasion. I like that everybody is on holiday together. I like the season of goodwill to all men. But I want to reclaim my Christmas from big business. I want to feel a deeper reason to celebrate. So this year I am celebrating Yule – the Cycle of the seasons. That moment when the sun picks up strength, the days begin to lengthen and we can celebrate the fact that summer will come again. Celebrate the sun in the depth of winter. The light in the darkness. That seems to me something solid and real. Something that I can get to grips with.

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