Yule 2015 #4

I have so much I want to write about today…..

but, I am exhausted.

Tai Chi class this morning.

Then, the rest of the day, we have been busy preparing for the Much Wenlock Christmas Fayre tomorrow. I have just finished.

Jo and I have got a stall in the Priory Hall. 10 – 5.

Come along if you can. We would love to see you.

It’s normally a great day. Hope the weather sorts itself out. It sounds pretty wild out there tonight.

Anyway, I am too tired (again) to write at any length. All the stuff I have in my head will have to wait.

Wait until the Christmas Fayre is over.

Then, normal service will be resumed. I promise.

So, what gift lies behind today’s door?

Well, I now have copies of my 2014 YuleIMAG1328 Calendar for sale. £5 a copy plus postage. Get in touch if you want a copy and can’t make the fayre tomorrow.


But, you’ll have to pay – so it’s not really a gift.



Instead, here are a couple of clips from the film we will be watching after the Fayre is over tomorrow night. Enjoy the subtle humour.

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